Manhattan Printing has had the privilege of working with some of the many exciting entrepreneurial and start-up companies. Our Service offering runs the full gamut to enable growth: Strategy, Design, Development and Managed Services. We help brands & retailers, large or small to build effective presences that improve their bottom line.

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Since our earliest days, we’ve represented many exciting entrepreneurial and start-up companies. Companies with that same partnership approach and dedication at the core of every engagement. Every day, since 2000, we’ve been devoting our hearts and minds to our clients, achieving great successes and building lasting relationships.

Over 20 Years of Experience

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Manhattan Printing provides its clients with frequent tips and trends in modern printing and promotion. Constant advances in technology make it difficult for today’s marketing, advertising and production managers to stay on top of the latest techniques. Our regular digital publications will keep you informed on every aspect of the industry and help you find new ways to reduce the cost, stress and complexity of printing and promoting.

How Packaging Helps Your Product

How Packaging Helps Your Product How much time should you spend on developing retail packaging for your product? Considering consumers base up to one-third of their buying decision based on the packaging, it stands to reason that the time and thought put into designing product packaging plays a major role in consumers’ buying decisions. But…

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Promote Your Storefront With Signs and Banners

Promote Your Storefront With Signs and Banners Keep your business visible with professional storefront signs and banners. Explore ways to get affordable promotion materials near you in New York City. Whether you’re rebranding your business or in need of refreshed materials to promote your current brand, choose Manhattan Printing for all your signs and banners.…

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More Than Just Flushy Graphic

If a potential customer asks for “more information” about one of your products or services, they really do want more information—typically in the form of details, specifications, prices and a background on your company, packaged in a readable and good-looking brochure. Unfortunately, most brochures are big on design and short on content, leaving potential customers…

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Good “Old-Fashioned” Direct Mail

When a Manhattan doctor looking to grow his business realized that over 50 percent of his patients lived over five miles from his office, he turned to direct mail instead of online marketing to reach potential patients in his own neighborhood. And it worked—for what turned out to be less than half the cost and…

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Neighborhood Marketing

Your best and most frequent customers probably live within just a few minutes from your business and 30 percent of them don’t even know you exist! With shoppers increasingly turning to e-commerce for product information and everyday needs it’s possible that a business across the country is selling the same products or services as you…

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Sales Presentations

Design matters—especially when giving a presentation. The days of an unskilled salesperson self-producing a sloppy slide deck and showing it on a projector in a conference room have given way to slick, professionally designed and digitally-printed handouts being distributed at important meetings to accompany a slick visual presentation delivered in advance via email. The internet…

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