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How Packaging Helps Your Product

Why Product Packaging is Important? Product Packaging Breeds Brand Awareness Product Packaging Differentiates Your Product Product Packaging Communicates a Message Considering consumers base up to one-third of their buying decision based on the packaging, it stands to reason that the time and thought put into designing product packaging plays a major role in consumers’ buying…

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Neighborhood Marketing

Neighborhood Marketing Your best and most frequent customers probably live within just a few minutes from your business and 30 percent of them don’t even know you exist! With shoppers increasingly turning to e-commerce for product information and everyday needs it’s possible that a business across the country is selling the same products or services…

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Sales Presentations

Design matters—especially when giving a presentation. The days of an unskilled salesperson self-producing a sloppy slide deck and showing it on a projector in a conference room have given way to slick, professionally designed and digitally-printed handouts being distributed at important meetings to accompany a slick visual presentation delivered in advance via email. The internet…

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