Sales Presentations

Design matters—especially when giving a presentation. The days of an unskilled salesperson self-producing a sloppy slide deck and showing it on a projector in a conference room have given way to slick, professionally designed and digitally-printed handouts being distributed at important meetings to accompany a slick visual presentation delivered in advance via email. The internet has raised the design standards for every type of promotional material—especially the tools that are used to pitch products, services, and brands. Don’t diminish your company or message with a slide deck that looks like it was produced in 1985 because customers know better—and so do you. Manhattan Printing has a team of designers that can take any corporate or product message and craft it in a style and format that works best for your next big meeting or presentation. We understand how typography, concise messaging, beautiful images, and selective statements influence the buying process and can produce turnkey solutions for any industry and any event. Our digital printing presses can produce handouts that look like they came off a large press and poster-size signs to transform a conference room into a showroom. Few firms can handle every aspect of message creation and delivery like Manhattan Printing and we have been doing it for over a decade. When handled by professional designers and printers, the impact of a graphically-enhanced meeting can double revenue and triple the impact of a campaign or message. Make your next presentation or gathering your best ever with help from Manhattan Printing. We have plenty of ideas and years of experience helping our clients dazzle clients and close deals.

Neighborhood Marketing

Your best and most frequent customers probably live within just a few minutes from your business and 30 percent of them don’t even know you exist! With shoppers increasingly turning to e-commerce for product information and everyday needs it’s possible that a business across the country is selling the same products or services as you are to the customers you want and need most—your neighbors. Henry York Advertising provides solutions to businesses of every size to identify and reach nearby prospects and convert them into recurring transactions. Statistics show that local customers share their experiences with their neighbors and the results can lead to exponential growth—all from a carefully targeted local campaign. Using a strategic combination of coordinated consumer-touching (direct mail, coupons, print advertising) and digital (email, e-coupons, social media and SEO) tactics, it is possible to identify and recruit new business from the zip codes closest to you. With access to massive and highly-reliable databases of consumer names, street addresses, email addresses, demographics and preferences, Henry York has delivered low-cost, high-impact results to small retail businesses, B2B service providers, national brands and leading financial service providers for years. Even with today’s high profile of digital marketing, time-tested promotions like door-hangers, coupons, newspaper inserts, printed menus, banners, and signs prove to be essential to attract neighborhood customers. The secret to successful neighborhood marketing is working with a design, production and distribution team with proven experience in high-quality promotions. Interested in a free quote and ideas to attract neighborhood consumers from a proven marketing expert? Contact Manhattan Printing today.

Good “Old-Fashioned” Direct Mail

When a Manhattan doctor looking to grow his business realized that over 50 percent of his patients lived over five miles from his office, he turned to direct mail instead of online marketing to reach potential patients in his own neighborhood. And it worked—for what turned out to be less than half the cost and half the time of a digital campaign. While a majority of small businesses invest in some form of online advertising, many are discovering that the quality of response from time-tested direct mail delivers better results overall. Marketing industry research suggests that fifty percent of U.S. consumers prefer direct mail to email and that postal promotions produce a 300% greater response rate. By applying the many of same formulas perfected with digital promotion (personalization, timed delivery, compelling offers and simplified methods of response), direct mail is the new medium for neighborhood businesses to connect with nearby customers, build their brand and tailor products and services to hyper-local needs. “The key to successful direct postal promotion is to use high quality personalization, graphic design and printing, and to avoid all of the cliché trademarks of old-school direct marketing. Bar coded addresses, generic postcards and cheap paper don’t cut it anymore,” notes Henry York, president of Manhattan Printing, a New York print shop that specializes in direct mail. “The impact of a promotional message being delivered to someone’s home and a consumer actually having a tactile relationship with the message is very powerful. If businesses follow the new rules of engagement and allow a professional agency to handle the design, delivery and analysis of a campaign the results can be immediate and lucrative,” added the Manhattan Printing spokesperson. Manhattan Printing has provided direct marketing services to a long list of local, regional and international clients seeking to establish long relationships with consumers and commercial businesses.

More than just flashy graphic

If a potential customer asks for “more information” about one of your products or services, they really do want more information—typically in the form of details, specifications, prices and a background on your company, packaged in a readable and good-looking brochure. Unfortunately, most brochures are big on design and short on content, leaving potential customers with an unfulfilled level of education about a product or service that they actually want to purchase (or they wouldn’t have asked for the brochure in the first place!). To increase the effectiveness of your printed marketing collateral, always focus on content first and design second. Content doesn’t always have to be in the form of long-winded paragraphs (often boring) or over-abbreviated bullet points (hard to read, incomplete sentences). It can be in the form of education testimonials, relevant excerpts from industry studies and the media, instructions on how to use your product or appropriate history of how your product or service evolved. Many brochures fail to illuminate the unique qualities of a product and distinguish it from the competition or fail to establish a value proposition that the customer can relate to and associate with your brand. Most customers are looking for technical details. If you don’t provide them they will be forced to initiate another request for information—or possibly drop off your radar screen. A second request for more information means providing another brochure, so why not include all of the details in your initial presentation and kill two birds with one stone? By creating content-rich brochures you will provide all of the details that your customers need to make an educated decision about your product or service from one piece of marketing collateral. You’ll save time, money and establish a better relationship with your audience by creating informative and well-written materials that serve as a catalyst for closing business quickly. Of course, graphic design is extremely important in any marketing piece, but if you don’t have the right message and the appropriate details, the best design in the world won’t sell your product. Content is king! If you’re planning a new brochure consult with Manhattan Printing about our expert copywriting and content development services, as well as our graphic design, printing and distribution capabilities.