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Manhattan Printing has extensive experience creating direct mail campaigns that deliver compelling offers and messages to a highly targeted audience via direct mail. We love direct mail for one simple reason: It. Still. Works. And we know how to make it work better for your business – fast! Whether you’ve never mailed before, tried and failed, or have a campaign that’s plateaued, we’ll show you how our strategy can unlock your next level of growth and profitability.

Despite the popularity and efficiencies of online targeting, direct mail remains an important and strategic channel to many markets and enables your message to be delivered in a hand-held format that has a lifespan much greater than digital media. At Manhattan Printing, you get the best and most affordable personalized direct mail and marketing services that will help minimize your overall marketing expenses while at the same time increase your bottom line. We offer a wide variety of exceptional services that include regional as well as national direct mail campaigns.

The marketing game has changed, and so direct mail. From a single piece of mail to multiple customer touchpoints

Drive customers to act on your mailpiece through email and other digital channels. Get a measurable boost in your ROI from your direct mail.