• T-Shirt
• Tote Bags
• Pen
• Mouse Pad

• Coffee Mug
• Tumblers
• Plaque and Awards
• Hand Sanitizers

• Golf Ball
• Umbrellas and much more

Establish your brand and deliver your message using custom-printed wearable items and promotional gift items that are uniquely designed for your company and campaign. Product quality is essential when planning a promotional giveaway because nobody wants to receive a “cheap” gift. A giveaway that breaks after the first or second use is a poor reflection on your brand and offers little incentive for the customer to thank you for the gift or have a positive emotion about your firm when they use a similar product of better quality in the future. Manhattan Printing represents a broad line of major brand clothing manufacturers as well as leaders in the field of corporate gifts and giveaways, offering extremely competitive pricing on any conceivable items that will generate a long-lasting relationship between your customers and your brand.

To receive a return on investment from the distribution of promotional items, always consider how use of the item will inspire your customer to think of your product or service, and invest in quality materials that will have a long life and reflect the lasting relationship that you wish to develop with every client. If you are thinking about a promotional giveaway or incentive for your business, consult marketing professionals at Manhattan Printing to help you design a program that will deliver measurable benefit to both you and your customer.