Neighborhood Marketing

Your best and most frequent customers probably live within just a few minutes from your business and 30 percent of them don’t even know you exist! With shoppers increasingly turning to e-commerce for product information and everyday needs it’s possible that a business across the country is selling the same products or services as you are to the customers you want and need most—your neighbors. Henry York Advertising provides solutions to businesses of every size to identify and reach nearby prospects and convert them into recurring transactions. Statistics show that local customers share their experiences with their neighbors and the results can lead to exponential growth—all from a carefully targeted local campaign. Using a strategic combination of coordinated consumer-touching (direct mail, coupons, print advertising) and digital (email, e-coupons, social media and SEO) tactics, it is possible to identify and recruit new business from the zip codes closest to you. With access to massive and highly-reliable databases of consumer names, street addresses, email addresses, demographics and preferences, Henry York has delivered low-cost, high-impact results to small retail businesses, B2B service providers, national brands and leading financial service providers for years. Even with today’s high profile of digital marketing, time-tested promotions like door-hangers, coupons, newspaper inserts, printed menus, banners, and signs prove to be essential to attract neighborhood customers. The secret to successful neighborhood marketing is working with a design, production and distribution team with proven experience in high-quality promotions. Interested in a free quote and ideas to attract neighborhood consumers from a proven marketing expert? Contact Manhattan Printing today.