Sales Presentations

Design matters—especially when giving a presentation. The days of an unskilled salesperson self-producing a sloppy slide deck and showing it on a projector in a conference room have given way to slick, professionally designed and digitally-printed handouts being distributed at important meetings to accompany a slick visual presentation delivered in advance via email. The internet has raised the design standards for every type of promotional material—especially the tools that are used to pitch products, services, and brands. Don’t diminish your company or message with a slide deck that looks like it was produced in 1985 because customers know better—and so do you. Manhattan Printing has a team of designers that can take any corporate or product message and craft it in a style and format that works best for your next big meeting or presentation. We understand how typography, concise messaging, beautiful images, and selective statements influence the buying process and can produce turnkey solutions for any industry and any event. Our digital printing presses can produce handouts that look like they came off a large press and poster-size signs to transform a conference room into a showroom. Few firms can handle every aspect of message creation and delivery like Manhattan Printing and we have been doing it for over a decade. When handled by professional designers and printers, the impact of a graphically-enhanced meeting can double revenue and triple the impact of a campaign or message. Make your next presentation or gathering your best ever with help from Manhattan Printing. We have plenty of ideas and years of experience helping our clients dazzle clients and close deals.